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Information Collected and How It Is Used.

Information is collected about you (directly and/or through the activities of franchisees and/or third party suppliers and service providers (“suppliers”) from various sources, including without limitation the following:

information you provide when you Contact through this Site,
information you provide on the account registration pages, surveys, or other submission through this Site and/or in connection with Programs and services available through this Site,
information recorded as a result of your interaction with us and/or franchisees and/or use of the Site (including without limitation historical sales information, information about your location and the device you are using) (through this Site or any other website or in any other manner),
information you provide when you respond to surveys conducted by or on behalf of us and/or franchisees,
information we collect about you from outside of this Site, including without limitation information we receive from you in person and/or from third parties (including without limitation from franchisees and referrals from third parties) and
as described elsewhere in this Privacy Policy.
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The information collected may be combined with other information and may be used and disclosed in a number of ways by us (directly and/or through the activities of franchisees and/or supplier(s)), to help us better understand and serve our customers, including without limitation as described below.

Security of Your Personal Information

Panera Bread and its vendors/suppliers providing services supporting this Site maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect your personal information. Unfortunately though, we can’t guarantee that any safeguards or security measures will be sufficient to prevent a security problem. If you believe the security of your account or personal information has been compromised, please immediately Contact Us.

Job Application Information

If you choose to apply through this Site, you will be required to provide certain personal information, to complete questionnaires related to evaluation of your qualifications for certain positions, and provide a resume or other similar employment experience description. You may also be asked to provide your gender and racial/ethnic origin on a voluntary basis, and such information is not provided to anyone involved in the hiring decision. Panera uses third party suppliers to provide certain of these services. We encourage you to review their privacy policies. (See Third Party Sites provisions below). Information you submit online through this Site or through third party supplier sites may be made available to third party suppliers and/or franchisees of Panera, as well as certain employees and contractors of Panera. You may also fax your résumé to us Additionally, we may from time to time ask you to apply for certain jobs by email and/or a different fax number. We protect the confidentiality of such information received by email and fax, however, this online Privacy Policy does not apply to such emails and faxes because they are received offline.