Cocktail Making Classes

If you are looking for a team exercise for your employees or organising a get together for friends. If it’s a special occasion or just want to learn a new skill, a cocktail making class is a great for bringing people together, promoting team work and having fun in the process.

We split groups in to teams and each team will work through a range of different cocktail before they perfect the Art of mixology .We teach you

  • The origin & history of each drink
  • How to cut, dice and crush the fresh ingredients
  • How to measure the right amount of ingredients for specific taste
  • How to mix, throw and shake cocktails like a professionals
  • Invent your own unique cocktail and put it to the ultimate test

Wine and Beer tasting events

Our two hour wine, bear, whiskey or bourbon tasting events begin with a hearty cheese platter, served with an aperitif appropriate to your theme. We will then invite you for a tasting, focusing on how to evaluate for quality, test and style. Seven varieties will be sampled and discussed .Sample topics can include everything from Italian Wines or Champagne to Microbrewery beers

Our Fun Cocktail Classes and Wine beers testing events provides a unique environment to facilitate networking with clients or bonding with your employees at in a fun and relaxing atmosphere. We can either come to your office with all the gear required or we can organise a venue in town, the choice is yours.