At Cocktails Caterers, our mobile bar hire comes with an outstanding and professional service as standard. Plus we offer a range of flexible and exciting packages for every occasion. So whether you want a customised cocktail menu, mixology workshops or just your standard bar hire, we’ll work with you to create the perfect tailored package to suit you.


Mobile Bar Hire

Service is important to us here at Cocktails Caterers and we want your guests to have the best possible experience. That’s why we interact with them on an individual level to get a better idea of their personal drink preferences. This allows us to create the perfect cocktail to get they tastebuds tingling.

If you haven’t got the time to put together a specific menu, especially when you’ve got lots of guests with different tastes, we’re here to do the hard work for you. Don’t just settle for a handful of drinks, our interactive services means we’ll work out what it is your guests want and cater to their needs. This means you can relax and enjoy the event, with a delicious custom made cocktail in hand.

This is a truly unique service that we offer and can really spice up any event. Our expert mixologists are passionate about what they do and they’ll engage with your guests on a personal level to create their perfect drink. This inclusive and individual service will create an unforgettable event that your guests will be talking about long after it ends.

Themed Menus

If you love organising events right down to the smallest details, you can opt for our fixed drink service instead of our bespoke interactive one. This means we can work with you to create your perfect cocktail menu, you just need to let us know what alcohols and flavour profiles you favour and we can come up with some suggestions.

If your event has a specific theme let us know and we’ll keep this in mind. That way we can tailor the colour, style or taste of the cocktails to match. So whether you’ve settled for wild and wacky, or classy and sophisticated, we can create the perfect menu to compliment your event.

Plus at Cocktails Caterers we like to keep you in the loop at all times, so while we hope that you’ll put your trust in us, you don’t have to take our word that we’ve created the perfect menu for you. Tasting sessions will be arranged prior to the event so you can get a feel for what we’ll be creating on the day and trial our cocktails before we settle on the final menu.

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Cocktail Workshops

Our expert mixologists are so passionate about what they do that they love to share their expertise! That’s why we run cocktail making workshops, where we’ll teach you to make delicious recipes. Plus you’ll get to enjoy your creations afterwards.

There are a number of reasons you might want to become your own bartender for the day, so whether you’re organising a hen party or a company team building session, consider our exciting cocktail making workshops for your event. You’ll learn the art of mixology and which flavour palettes compliment each other. We’ll provide everything you need and can come to the venue of your choice, all you need to do is focus on making great cocktails!

Your guests will love becoming mixologists for the night under our expert guidance, plus they can unwind as they enjoy their creations. We can adjust our workshops to cater for larger groups and we can even split your day into multiple sessions if you’ve got several groups getting involved. This allows our expert team to give their undivided attention to your guests and really help them get to grips with the cocktail making experience.

We promise that no matter what your event, we offer only the best service from an expert team of mixologists. This way you can relax safe in the knowledge that your guests are in good hands and they’ll have a cocktail experience they’ll never forget!

Molecular Mixology

Molecular gastronomy was the inspiration for molecular mixology. Put simply, pioneers began experimenting with multi-layered cocktails, but also with unconventional ingredients to add texture and wonder to their creations. For example, this trend saw the emergence of frozen nitro cocktails, powdered cocktails and drinks that featured foam, candy floss and much more! These incredible creations were not just a treat for the eye, but for the tastebuds too!

If you’re looking for a cocktail experience that’s out of the ordinary, we can also provide demonstrations for molecular mixology, as our team of experts exhibit how they come up with these amazing concoctions. We’ll set up a demonstration booth and your guests will be blown away as we experiment with textures and flavours, exploding their tastebuds and offering entertainment at the same time.

If you’re looking to use this service, get in touch and we’ll discuss hiring the mobile bar and setting up the molecular mixology booth.

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Why not choose a ‘design your own cocktail’ booth?

Just as you may want to add the finishing touches to your cocktail bar, you can let your guests do the same with their drinks! We’ll set up a ‘design your own cocktail booth’ where your guests can grab the fruit and spices they’d like us to use. They can then advise us on the alcohol they prefer and whether they want something sweet or sour, then step back and watch as we create the perfect custom cocktail for their tastebuds.

This is a more interactive way for your guests to get involved in the event. Watch them become intrigued with what’s on offer, as they really put some thought into the flavour palettes that might compliment each other. This will leave them wanting more and coming back to try different tastes each time!

Our Classic Bar Hire

We have a range of attractive and versatile bars to suit every need. These are all portable, able to fold away for ease of movement and come complete with ice bins, speed racks, bar top and LED front panels. This means they’re easy to deliver and set up. They are fully modular so they can be taken apart and stored easy, it also means we can fit into almost any space, depending on your venue.

The LED light box is customisable, so you can choose which colours suit your theme. These LEDs run on a 240 volt power supply. There is also the option to mount stickers on the front panels should you choose, just let us know what you need.

Sizes for our classic mobile bar include:

Corner Unit: 1200 x 700 x 1000
Rectangular: 1200 x 700 x 1000
Rectangular: 1600 x 700 x 1000

The main features of our classic bars:

Lightweight and easy to move around

Includes the bar top, speed rack, compartments for ingredients and ice buckets

Foldable and easy to pack away

Option for multi coloured LED light box or a wooden front panel

LED Polythene Bar

These are some of the most common bars you’ll find at events thanks to their lightweight, small size and LED colour displays. It’s illuminated surface makes the colour light displays easily visible and the polythene front makes it easy to customise with branded stickers. These bars are run on rechargeable batteries that last up to eight hours and are weather proof. The main selling points of the polythene bar include:

The main selling points of the polythene bar include:

Well-built and Stable Bar


LED Lightbox Panel

Rechargeable batteries so no ugly wires

Hire Our


You don’t just have to be organising a big event. If you’re having an intimate dinner party or you’ve got plenty of alcohol that needs using up, why not hire our bartenders for a personalised experience you won’t forget. Just let us know what you’d like and we can advise on the best services for you. We can provide as much or as little equipment as you need and we can even put together a customised menu for your evening.

Beers, wines and house drinks

While we at Cocktails Caterers pride ourselves on our delicious cocktails, we do understand that sometimes simplicity is key. Our services are designed to meet all your needs and so our mobile bars also stock the usual drinks. But as we favour only the best quality, we enjoy choosing beers from craft breweries that your guests will love. Plus, we provide only the finest wines.

When it comes to spirits, we don’t just believe these belong in a cocktail. After all, there is nothing more refreshing than the timeless G&T or a classic rum and coke. But if you’re guests decide to step away from their usual tipple, we can suggest cocktails they’ll love based on their choice of spirits.

If you’d like to sample what we have on offer before the event, get in touch and we can arrange a taster day for you to sample or full selection.

Mocktails and non-alcoholic drinks

We understand that not everyone wants to (or can) drink alcohol and we don’t discriminate against designated drivers or underage party goers. That’s why we offer an extensive non-alcoholic drinks range, including high quality and tasty mocktails. We also cater to those with allergies, so just let us know your dietary requirements.

You can opt for a completely non-alcoholic service or you can mix and match with both cocktails and mocktails. As usual we can provide all the juices and necessary ingredients, but if there are certain brands of tonic, soda or fruit juice that you’d prefer, let us know and we can source these for you as well.